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AllAbout  Liane FOLY

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Liane Foly

Comedy Grand Prize - Grand Prix Sacem 2013

Awarded each year, the Grands Prix Sacem reward authors, composers and publishers who are members of Sacem. 
The 2013 Grand Prix ceremony took place on November 25 at the Olympia.

Inauguration of Stade de France

The Stade de France is the largest French stadium, contacted by François Mitterrand, Liane Foly was part of the jury and who found the name of the Stade de France. The singer returns to this little-known story to the public. 

In a white evening dress signed Balmain, Liane Foly rushes onto the icy lawn of the new stadium for the first time and which she inaugurates that evening, the Stade de France. Its title, "Victoire", already sounds like a great promise of success. That year, France will be "World Champion"...

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