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 All about  Liane FOLY

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A powerful and recognizable tone of voice, a precious gift for writing and interpreting deeply tender songs, a joy of living in the test of dramas; add to that millions of records sold and one could almost sum up 30 years of music by Liane Foly, one of the artists most loved by the French public, one of the most audacious also in terms of her career choices.

We could. These few lines would no doubt suffice more than enough for the taste of an artist whose success and modesty are on an equal footing, and who is never so happy as when she puts her music at the service of others - of the public, friends, great causes. We could, but that would be ignoring all the richness of this journey, all the nuances of a life turned towards melody and love, the energy and sincerity that took this jazzy diva to the four corners of the world, from Japan in Las Vegas, and in places as prestigious as Ronnie Scott's jazz club in London.

Liane's career took shape in the gentleness of a loving and atypical family, which always encouraged her dreams. Between the great Perrache bazaar run by her father - heaven on earth for any kid with a little imagination - and musical outings with the family (their amateur group made all the balls in the region dance), Liane finds her way smoothly. . At home, we listen to Franck Sinatra, Barry White and Ella Fitzgerald. She watches the Carpentier broadcasts with devotion, but her heart does not waver, it is already entirely given over to jazz.

A bright, enthusiastic but demanding and hard-working personality, the young woman combines infallible determination and genuine generosity. His two qualities as well as a really special voice, warm and distinguished, soon opened all doors for him. Andre Manoukian, then Fabrice Nataf also believe in his good star and above all in his talent. His first album, released in 1988, enjoyed undeniable success. Her attachment to the stage has won the loyalty of an audience that follows her unfailingly, often from generation to generation. She will meet all her heroes, Jacques Demy, Michel Legrand, Michel Petrucciani, but also Robert Hossein, Claude Lelouch, Barbara, Claude Nougaro, for whom she opens, and Mister Barry White himself. Liane would not have been able to be anything other than a singer. She loves music too much - and people. But his curiosity and his passionate temperament lead him to other universes. She writes and interprets two shows (2007, 2011) where she lets burst a devastating humor and incredible qualities of imitator. She also made successful detours through theatre, television and radio. She travels - her second great happiness after music.

Crooneuse, his 9th studio album, finally marks his return to singing. The talent and energy are intact and have just been tinged with a light veil of melancholy, which Liane modestly qualifies as serenity. She has chosen to cover eleven titles that she particularly likes, in an eclectic repertoire that ranges from rock to variety, but interpreting them with a deliberately jazzy tint, all in swing and elegance, all impeccably served by a big band . The album will delight fans of the artist, lovers of jazz and French song. Each piece reflects a style, a different emotion, but all have the same evocative force. Francoise Hardy, Julien Clerc, Henri Salvador, Jean-Louis Aubert, Leo Ferre, Eddy Mitchell, Johnny, but also some tasty incongruities like I like watching the girls of Patrick Coutin and Slave to the Rhythm of Grace Jones. Michel Jonasz also offers him the immense satisfaction of accompanying him on La Boite de Jazz. This album also marks the first collaboration of the singer with the very famous Frank Eulry (Jonasz, Voulzy) and we clearly feel that the agreement and the pleasure were reciprocal. With her innate sense of derision, Liane is back in September 2022 with her third one woman show "La Folle repart en Thèse" and you know what, more than any other, it suits her like a glove.

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 Albums studios

  • 1988 : The Man I Love

    First album, from which the title Ça va, ça comes is extracted, which was commercially successful and ranked au Top 50. The music is composed by Andre Manoukian  and texts written by Liane Foly. Then came the singles Love me, love moi (whose clip deals with homosexuality) and Chéri where you can see in the clip Mimie MathyMichele BernierJean-Luc Delarue et Philip Maneuver, among others. It is also en 1988  that she is on her first Parisian stage, The cicada.

  • 1990 : Orange Dream

    Second album, from which are extracted the titles As you go, Goodbye lover, Rêve orange and Va savoir. In Quebec, the song S'en balancer climbed to the top of the charts.

  • 1993 : The Little Notes

    Third album, from which are extracted the titles Doucement, Let the clouds cry, I will go quiet, Soft eyes and Voler la nuit. She also recorded this album in English, entitled Sweet Mystery, with two singles from A Trace Of You (English version of the song Doucement) and Sweet Mystery (Laisse pleurer lesclouds). 

  • 1997 : Chameleon, eentirely made at Los Angeles. Three singles are extracted from it: It's good to love, On the other side of time and Love is strong.

  • 2001 : Between us

    Most titles are composed by Liane Foly. The first title We all have the right, signed Gerard Presgurvic, is a success. Then came out two other singles: Being True and A Place on Earth.

  • 2004 : The Prom Singer

    Album on which Jean Jacques Goldman  signs two titles including the eponymous song. Two singles are extracted from it: La Chanteuse de bal and Déracinée.

  • 2008 : The Taste of Desire

    Eighth album, entirely produced by Art Mengo, released on April 7. Two singles are extracted from it: Come back to me and My life without you. 


Albums in public

  • 1994 : Lights

    His first live album. Includes the single Hindu Hours and its piano-voice duo Misty accompanied by Michel Petrucciani at the Antibes Juan-les-Pins Jazz Festival.

  • 2005 : A sleeping star

    Double live album where she resumes all her successes (recorded au Paris Casino). Includes the single A sleeping star. 



  • 2002 : Best of As we go

    Brings together his greatest hits as well as two unreleased ones (Live and Inside). Some versions are orchestrated differently or vary in length from the original album or are remastered. Included the single Live.



  • 1993 : Sweet Mystery, limited edition (French and English Albums: Sweet Mystery & Les Petites Notes). Includes the singles A trace Of you and Sweet Mystery.

  • 1998 : Victoire, limited edition (Liane Foly composes the anthem of Stade de France  and inaugurated the stadium in front of 80,000 spectators)

  • 2004 : The Prom Singer, Limited Edition (CD & DVD).




Film soundtracks

Audio recordings



  • En 1985, she released her first single Need you and answered the call from Colouche for Les Restos du Coeur  during events under tents.

  • En 1993Jean Jacques Goldman  asks him to join the troop of Motherfuckers  which she will honor to this day.

  • His commitment against the AIDS begins in 1995  with the album Between smile and tears. She interprets If it was to redo and participates in many television events for the Sidaction up to date.

  • En 1998, Liane Foly is part of the jury that must choose the name of the new Saint-Denis stadium. Many jurors offer "Stadium of Lights". Liane supports the choice of “ Stade de France ”. She will then have the privilege of singing for the inauguration on January 28, 1998, just before the France-Spain match, where she performs Victoire, a piece co-written with her sister1.

  • In 2004, she made an advertisement for Madrange ham.

  • From 2006, she works for the association AFIPA, which fights against the commercialization of pet fur (dogs and cats)[ref. necessary].

  • Without forgetting her commitment to the association Make A Wish Belgium, an association of which she was godmother.

  • Liane Foly et Kad Merad  were the godfathers of Telethon 2007.

  • En 2013, Liane Foly is the godmother of theFrance women's football team.



Radio journey


Host for TF1





Movie theater





The Crazy Parenthesis

La Folle Parenthèse is an original imitation show launched in 2007, entirely written and performed by Liane Foly - more than 35 different voices, two musicians on stage - Jean-Yves D'Angelo et Pierre D’Angelo, accompany Liane - live. The show is directed by Marc Jolivet6. 

La Folle goes for a cure

Liane Foly starts a new tour le 14 January 2011, with her new one woman show La Folle part en cure. She speaks, as part of a cure of "rigology"7, alleged end of the world in 2012, sings and impersonates famous personalities. She is accompanied on stage by Serge Perathoner.






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